Geronne Nero

Master Club Fitter & Genuinely Nice Guy !!



Geronne Nero – Master Club Fitter


Have you ever been fitted for your clubs ?? Ever thought where you are striking the ball off the face ?? Why did the ball go right ?? WELL, for RM150 and a 1 hr fitting with your current clubs please GO and see Geronne !!


I have just had a fitting with the new sticks and I was amazed at where I was striking the ball and now realise why everything goes left to right……Yes it’s my swing BUT Geronne will look at your path, strike zones and tweak your clubs to fit YOUR swing….now I am hitting the ball straight and for RM150 including any changes to your clubs is a bargain !!!


Drop Geronne a Whatsapp or CALL today and book your 1hr fitting, just mention you are a KLEMGC member to 011 2707 0491


MST GOLF TECH SHOP’s main location is based at the TPCKL Perfromance Center (Driving Range Complex) which is built and fitted with the state-of-the-art facilities includng Club Fitting Suite, Putter Fitting Studio, Club DNA Station, Component Showroom and Workshop. The Club Fitting Suite opens to the range; equipped with latest Trackman 4e launch monitor for woods, irons and wedge fitting. The Putter Fitting  Studio utilizes state-of-art Quintic Ball Roll System for putter and ball analysis, assisting to select the right putter for the golfer.



‘Which club do we use on every hole but 99.9% of people just buy off the shelf because it feels good? A putter. Fitted correctly with Geronne using  Quintic analysis is the best Investment I’ve made in golf – Clive G


‘Before Geronne fitted me for my putter I was known as 3 putts as I couldn’t hole a putt within 5 feet and I am still known as 3 putts afterwards; BUT since the fitting I am holing putts within 10 feet consistently, thanks to the fitting but also the advice Geronne gave on my technique. Excellent service and was amazed to see the statistics of my putting he was able to capture within a few putts. I recommend to everyone’ – Edd S

‘All I can say is that Geromme is a very patient and professional guy who really does go the extra mile to make you feel very comfortable and ensures that you leave with exactly what you want from him’ – Colin C

‘Having my clubs fitted has definitely made me a more consistent striker of the golf ball, I hit the ball on average 9 yards further per club and I haven’t changed my swing at all. The real magic cane when I got my driver fitted, now I’m ripping it 260-280 consistently hitting fairways – this is simply a must for every golfer!! Geronne is a top bloke and was extremely helpful, polite and patient with me, a very good golfing experience and once again a must for all golfers’ – Rob R

‘Geronne’s expertise in his craft is immediately evident and set up at MST first class, he adjusted my clubs to suit my ever evolving swing and I was instantly hitting it straighter. Highly recommend club fitting to any one that plays the game’ – Andre K

‘I hadn’t had a club fitting for a number of years and was certainly out of the loop in terms of terminology but Geronne was able to explain everything in a way that was easily understandable and the evidence was on the screen through trackman and my game has improved after having the fitting’ – Duncan D

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