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The Advantages of Seeing a Master Fitter

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So during the middle of the Summer of 2017 I decided it was time for a change of my irons, and although I had some ideas of which brands I was interested in, I was open to any suggestions,

After having my Putter fitted by Geronne Nero, the Master Fitter at TPC KL, it was without hesitation I made an appointment with him and turned up at the appointed time and day we had agreed.

As requested by Geronne I brought along my own existing clubs, Ping ie cavity back irons with Ping CBS stiff shafts, and off we headed to the fitting room which had trackman already set up.

Once I had warmed up, we then went on to hit and record around 20 shots to do a like for like comparison against new irons with various shafts to get a comparison on Trackman and see what was performing the best, in regards to feel, performance, and which clubs suited my eye and even more importantly feel. I must stress at this time I was throwing a lot of feedback to Geronne ,who listened, did adjustments if and when required and had the patient of a Saint.

Without boring you too much I ended up with the best clubs suited to me which were Ping iBlades, 2 degrees upright, 1/2” longer shaft, mid size grip with 3 wraps of tape (Geronne’s attention to detail) and Modus 105 stiff shafts. (For those not familiar with Trackman this is the information you will get from a proper club fitting) These were my actual figures.

Fitting 1

After placing my order with him, which he emailed to Ping immediately, 4 weeks later my clubs turned up and Geronne called me and when I turned up he did a full inspection of the clubs including swing weights and loft and lie checks, because even the big boys get this wrong sometime. When he was happy he handed over the clubs to me, and off I went like a child in a sweet shop.

Six months on and I was in a quandary, and this is one of the main factors to build a relationship with your Master fitter.

I had been invited by Titleist to go to Singapore for a full wedge fitting. I would have done with Geronne if he had the facilities to do so, by this I mean grass fairways, bunkers, tight lies, soft lies hard lies etc (see my separate Titleist review for that experience) so off I toddled. I did not take my own clubs so Titleist built the nearest specification of their own clubs to mine, so they could get an idea of gapping I required for my wedges, and this is where I became alarmed.

They sent me the Trackman report by email straight away and when I returned home I did a comparison against my own clubs (See chart below)

Fitting 2

According to the figures, my clubs were not in the same ball park as the Titleist AP2s and I thought OMG I’d spent a fortune on my Ping’s 6 months ago and now I’ve got to do the same again.

Apart from moving me from Stiff shafts to Regular and shortening them by ½” to standard length, the difference in length and tighter dispersion was crazy, so the following day I rang Geronne and explained all this, and my quandary, and immediately he made an appointment for me for a few days later so back I went to TPC KL.

He had me bring my clubs, and had the same shaft but 1/2” shorter, he had the same spec make up with the Titleist AP2s that Titleist had given me and I then proceeded to hit an amount of balls with each combination of the clubs until we had a lot of data, which he then went through each parameter in detail (See below) The first chart is me hitting my clubs against my clubs last year.

Fitting 3

The chart below is me hitting AP2s v my clubs today 30th March 2018

Fitting 4

As you can see, and this is the MAJOR benefit of someone who you have built a relationship with, who knows your swing and your foibles, we can all get messed in our head with Golf manufactures marketing and Sales pitches, but at the end of the day Figures never lie, and thanks to Geronne my clubs had far better performance figures than what my head had been telling me for a week, and all it cost me was a couple of hours of my time and a few Ringgit to discover I needed to change nothing.

So please I beg you, this game is hard enough for us amateurs to play, so make it a little easier and get fitted, and I cannot recommend anybody better than Geronne.

Please note I have no affiliation with Ping, Titleist or any manufacturers or any club fitters, this is just my personal opinion from my own fitting experience, and my preference in clubs, which does not deter from the many other great brands and choices available.


By Clive Gordon




Geronne Nero - Master Club Fitter


Have you ever been fitted for your clubs ?? Ever thought where you are striking the ball off the face ?? Why did the ball go right ?? WELL, for RM150 and a 1 hr fitting with your current clubs please GO and see Geronne !!


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